High Temperature Resistance
Resistant to temperature up to 277 degree Celsius, product will be deformed when temperature over 250~280 degree Celsius and melt down at 300 degree Celsius, it is much less hazardous should there be a fire, in comparison with other materials.
Low Temperature Resistance
Resistant to temperature minus 60 Degree Celsius, fracture only happens when external force being applied at temperautre below the limit.
Germs & Molds Proof
Due to the low absorption of liquid characteristic (less the 0.1% under KS M ISO62 test) and no chemical added in production process, water will not stay on product's surface, this is ideal for bathroom & kitchen application, dry surface preventing germs and molds from growth for a health environment.
Shape Conformity
High pressured compression metal molding machine produce over 1000 tons of force in production process, ensure consistent size and density. Solidification by the presence of fibers glass, no change in shape even after prolonged installation, eliminates maintenance cost.
Color Fastness Guarantee
  All natural material with no chemical added, prolonged color lasting.
Zero Noxious Material Release
  Noxious gas emitting test past ( KS F 2271:1998), 100% ECO friendly product.
Easy Installation
It turn an hours job into minutes, for example on bathroom ceiling, carefully measure and cut to ceiling's dimension, either place on the top of the tiles or any supporting edges. Save time and money.
Easy Cleaning
Since the products is made under pressure molding, basically they are scratch, dust and dirt proof, cleaning is virtually not necessary on the bathroom ceiling product. Normal detergent should be used even in the kitchen environment.
Environmental Friendly
  100% Compliance with green production, from raw material to manufacturing processing to final product.
Full Support from MASCOT
  All products have been test & certified by Korea Institute of construction material, full reports available upon request.
Win Win MASCOT Manufactures 100% ECO-Friendly uncontaminated bathroom & kitchen ceiling materials to help build up a healthy, beautiful bathroom & kitchen of infinite value. Though simple on appearance, there is a lot of philosophy behind SMC Ceiling.
SMC Ceiling