Various Color Made by New Synthetic Material
Excellent for Abrasion, No Fading, No Deformation because of High Strength.
Sanitary product with must resistance.
Long Life product with strength against fire, heat, insulation, durability, sound absorption.
High Quality with high polished, half transparent, elegant.
Economic and easy to execute.
Model No. MASCOT B-5
Spec. (mm) 900 (L) x 900 (W) x 150 (H)
SMC Pastel Solid Tone
BMC Granite or Cultch Tone
Beautiful Apperarance
Unlike general marble, onyx, and natural marble, it is made of uniform non-porous material so it has beautiful appearance.
Nice Color & Design
It feels smoother and more bellowing so it expresses the interior design more elegantly.
Remarkable Durability
It has no transformation in its apperarance. Moisture or pollutants can not penetrate into it so it is simple to maintain and repair.
Excellent Formability
It has excellent formability so even complicated shapes and large products can be formed.